Industrial Rubber Products


Our industrial rubber Company manufactures an assorted range of customer specific industrial rubber moulded product. We
manufacture product for all industry types including:

- Chemical & Petro- Chemical
- Gas
- Agriculture
- Food
- Mining
- Motor Vehicle

We are able to produce rubber product as per customer specification or design rubber product and material for the
most aggressive applications, be it resistance to:

- extremes in temperature;
- chemical, solvent attack;
- high physical demands;
- ozone and oxidation.

To produce rubber product able to withstand the above for the specified period of time, we utilise a wide
range of rubber polymers some of which are listed below:

- Viton (we are a Du Pont Viton preferred manufacturer)
- Silicones (including flouro- silicone and platinum cured types)
- Nitriles (including hydrogenated nitriles)
- Hypalon, EPDM, Butyl, Chloroprene and Natural Rubber

As said our Company manufactures an assorted range of customer specific industrial rubber moulded product.
Listed below are a few of the products types we currently manufacture and supply in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg.

- Seals (U, Z, K seals etc.)
- Rubber diaphragm supplier (reinforced/ un- reinforced)
- Gaskets
- Sheeting
- Solid rubber balls
- Rubber to: Metal/ Teflon/ Nylon products

Plant And Equipment

Our Company manufactures product utilising an assortment of rubber processing equipment namely:

- 2x rubber injection presses for high volume product runs.
- 2x large presses (300 ton) for large compression mould applications.
- 2x large transfer press (300 ton) for large transfer mould applications.
- 4x medium presses (180 ton) for medium compression mould applications.
- 1x medium transfer press (180 ton) for medium transfer mould applications.
- 4x small presses (40 ton) for small compression/ transfer mould applications.
- 1 x 10” Two Roll Mill
- 1 x 12” Two Roll Mill
- 1 x 24” Two Roll Mill

Research And Development

Product design, development and improvement is a vital service we offer our customers. With the necessary
expertise and equipment at our disposal we are able to either design a product from the ground up or improve on
an existing design/ product.

ISO 9001


Specialized Mouldings is ISO 9001: 2015 compliant. Our company is audited by Africert.
We have been ISO compliant since 1999. Certificate available on request.