Polymer Choice to suite Customer application

We are able to offer a range of polymers to suit customer requirement. As already stated, we are able to formulate and manufacture rubber compound to meet customer product performance requirements.

Each polymer offers something a little different to the next. In short, compounded appropriately, these polymers possess the following main attributes:

Natural Rubber – Harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree as a latex, Natural Rubber has excellent physical characteristics i.e. tear strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, high resilience.

SBR – Widely used in the general purpose type product environment due to low cost. Also used extensively in the tyre industry in tread stock compounds. These compounds produce tyre tread with excellent wear and traction.

Nitrile – Exceptional resistance to oils and solvents.

Neoprene – Chloroprene rubber has excellent all-round polymer producing compounds with physical toughness, chemical resistance, oil resistance, flex crack resistance, heat and weather resistance. Its flame resistance is excellent, chloroprene being one of the few rubbers that are self-extinguishing.

Butyl – This polymer exhibits superior air impermeability, high chemical resistance, moisture & ozone resistance and vibration damping. Has many pharmaceutical applications.

EPDM – Excellent resistance to weathering (ozone, water, oxidation), hot water/ steam & heat. The polymer exhibits good electrical insulating properties.

Silicone – Excellent resistance to both high and low temperatures & weathering. Exhibits good electrical insulating properties. Their level of inertness and biocompatibility has enabled their use in the food & medical industries. Fluoro-silicone grades provide excellent heat and low temperature resistance with the added benefit of oil/ solvent/ fuel resistance.

Viton – Fluoro-elastomers are used widely in applications that require high temperature resistance, excellent fuel/ solvent/oil resistance and chemical resistance.

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